FAQ: Billing
  • 31 Mar 2024
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FAQ: Billing

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Why has my bill gone up?

There could be a number of reasons for this, namely:

  1. Your database has increased;
  2. New modules were added to your project;
  3. You exceeded the free action, segment, or order storage limit and started getting charged for extra data storage;
  4. You switched to a new plan with a different price.

When are invoices issued? Down payment invoice

Invoices are issued every month within the first 5 business days after the one-month accounting period is over.

When you make the first down payment to launch the project, your money is not withdrawn and an invoice is not issued. You will start receiving invoices and paying for your subscription only after the Trial period has ended (or earlier, upon your request).

We’ve cleaned our database but the amount charged did not decrease — why is this?

To calculate the bill, the maximum monthly amount of data in the database is used. All the changes you make (such as cleaning your database) will be taken into consideration next month if you keep the volume of data the same after you deleted it in the previous month.

How much will I be charged next month?

You can view your invoice forecast for the current month in the Billing section in Administrative settings.

An estimate for the next month will be available after the current month ends.

Do you include the down payment in the invoice?

Yes, the down payment will be used to cover your first invoice. If this down payment does not cover the invoice amount, an additional invoice will be issued.

If this down payment exceeds the invoice amount, the extra amount will go towards next month’s invoice.

How can I reduce the costs for admin panel users?

Depending on your plan, you can pay for additional accounts with access to Maestra support. To check the number of accounts currently on the project, go to the Billing tab in Administrative settings. If the number of accounts exceeds the amount included in your plan, you will see this in the "Data Storage" section with a breakdown of the number of accounts billed and the cost per account.

The following user accounts are not billed:

  • Maestra staff (including the security team)
  • Blocked accounts. If a user is blocked on November 6th, Maestra will stop billing you for this account starting from December 1st.

To stop being billed for a specific user account, block it.

To view the full list of user accounts in your project, go to Administrative settingsUsers. You can then block users from this list.