How to Create a Custom Field
  • 04 Jun 2022
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How to Create a Custom Field

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Article summary

Custom fields are used to enter data that are not covered by the set of main fields.

To create a custom field, simply follow these steps

  1. Go to Integration settings → Custom fields:


  1. Click Create custom field:


  1. Fill in the fields:


Entity: select the entity that your field will belong to.
Entities include: Customer, Customer action, Touchpoint, Product, Product list item, Order, Promotion, Order line, Area, Discount card, and Prize.

Name: this name will be displayed in filter conditions.

System name: this will be used in imports and in the API.

Field type:

  • Integer: the field value must be an integer number, e.g., 123456

  • String: the field value can be any string of up to 1,000 characters

  • Boolean: true / false

  • Decimal: e.g., 12345.67

  • Date: e.g., 03/12/2021

  • Date & time: e.g., 03/12/2021 04:30

  • Enumerated: the field offers a drop-down list. For more details, see here

  • Unique ID: one cannot sign up with the same ID twice

  • Social network ID: this ID does not have to be unique and can be used more than once when signing up.

How to merge (for the Integer and Decimal types):

Take value from priority customer: the inserted value will be taken from the higher-priority customer.

Take greatest value: the inserted value will be the highest of all the values available for the customer’s custom field.

Additional settings

Allow multiple values in a single field, separated by a "|" symbol in a .csv file: you can enter multiple values in a single field.

Erase previous data if field value is blank in new import: the system removes field values if the field name is submitted but the field value is blank.

Example: Age is imported with a blank field value in a method or CustomFieldAge. If this entity is not imported, then the system will keep the previous value.

Field is public: the field can be requested or edited without applying a secret key.

Create enum field value if the field value has not been found (for the Enumerated type): the system will auto-add the new Enumeration value from the import file.

Do not merge customers with different IDs (for the Unique ID type): the system will not merge a new customer with their duplicate.

The system will replace the ID for the new customer. Thus, no history search will be available for the new customer.

  1. Click Create custom field: