What to Do if You Have a High Bounce Rate
  • 31 Mar 2024
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What to Do if You Have a High Bounce Rate

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Article summary

Do not send emails to customers who unsubscribed or those with invalid addresses

Sending emails to unsubscribed customers may result in using inactive or deleted addresses. In addition, unsubscribed customers may not want to receive new emails from you, so emailing them will lead to numerous spam reports, which will harm your reputation and email deliverability.

Invalid addresses are those that have already caused delivery errors. Sending messages to these email addresses is likely to result in high bounce rates and damage your reputation with email services.

Do not use transactional campaigns to send promotional emails

Choose your campaign profile based on the task at hand. Use transactional campaigns to notify your customers of important or urgent information that must be sent (such as post-purchase receipts) or that the customers expect to receive (such as their order details or login codes to access their accounts).

Promotional emails do not tend to contain important information, so sending such emails with a transactional profile can trigger a negative reaction from both customers and email services, affecting deliverability.

Use double opt-in (DOI) when collecting email addresses

When you use DOI, customers subscribe to an email campaign only after clicking a special subscription confirmation link in a double opt-in email sent to the address provided during registration on a website. This method allows for new subscribers while preventing nonexistent email addresses from being added to the database.

Set up auto-removal of inactive and nonexistent addresses

To find inactive email addresses, create a condition to filter out customers who have not received your emails for any of the following reasons:

  • Address does not accept emails, or the recipient’s mail server is misconfigured
  • Address does not exist
  • Mailbox full
  • Rejected for unknown reason


Maestra processes and displays the reasons your emails failed to be delivered to certain addresses from an email service in your account.