What to Do if You Have a High Email Spam Complaint Rate
  • 31 Mar 2024
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What to Do if You Have a High Email Spam Complaint Rate

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Article summary

Do not use transactional campaigns to send promotional emails

Choose your campaign profile based on the task at hand. Use transactional campaigns to notify your customers of important or urgent information that must be sent (such as post-purchase receipts) or that the customers expect to receive (such as their order details or login codes to access their accounts).

Promotional emails do not tend to contain important information, so sending such emails with a transactional profile can trigger a negative reaction from both customers and email services, affecting deliverability.

Use double opt-in (DOI) when collecting email addresses

When you use DOI, a customer subscribes to an email campaign only after clicking a special subscription confirmation link in a double opt-in email. This email is sent to the address that the customer provided when registering on a website, for example. This method allows you to get new subscribers while ensuring that nonexistent email addresses are not added to your database.

Do not automatically subscribe your customers when they register on a website or in a form

Sometimes, when customers register on a website, they find that checkboxes are ticked by default or that they cannot opt out of receiving email campaigns. After such registration, these customers will be annoyed to see an email they did not expect to receive and will likely report it as spam.

Identify which campaigns receive the most complaints

If you have a high unsubscribe rate due to spam reports for regular campaigns, reduce the number of campaigns and launch more automated flows.

Analyze spam reports using the Campaigns report.

  1. Go to the Campaigns report in your Maestra account.
  2. Find the spam complaint rate.
  3. Sort your campaigns from high to low spam complaint rates.

Sorting helps you find the campaigns that receive more complaints so you can analyze the sending conditions, customer segment, and email content of the campaign.

Make it is easy to unsubscribe from your emails

Make sure that clicking the unsubscribe link in your emails does not require the customer to register or log in to their account — it should take as few clicks as possible to unsubscribe from your emails.

The unsubscribe link should be noticeable and easy to find.

Make sure your emails display correctly on all devices

Send a test email to see how it displays on different devices. Click Send Test Message in the Campaign Settings.

If your campaign is automatic and the Send Test Message button is disabled:

  • Add your email address to the database and subscribe to your campaigns.
  • Set up the flow you want to launch.
  • Add the condition to trigger the flow only for your customer profile.
  • Follow the steps to receive the email.